“For nearly four years we have worked exclusively with KCG Recruiting to recruit on behalf of our Physician Enterprise that canvases Saginaw, Tawas City and Standish Michigan. This is a challenging market to recruit to given the demographics of our service area. During this time we have found KCG Recruiting to be not only effective in recruiting highly qualified physicians across a variety of specialties such as Primary Care, Pulmonology, CV Surgery, Neurosurgery, Pathology, Emergency Medicine, and Orthopedics, but to be consummate professionals and an integral part of our team. KCG Recruiting didn’t just serve as a sourcing and placement agent, they became integrated as a part of our Physician Enterprise team and served as ambassadors on behalf of the group and organization. This was an important part of the relationship we created with KCG Recruiting as a faith-based health care delivery system. Ken and his team have added value to our organization by ensuring a productive working relationship. I would recommend KCG Recruiting based on our experience."

Michael L. Long, MBA – President, Physician Enterprise & Network Operations, St. Mary’s of Michigan – August 2015



“Excellent Service! Responsive, easy to work with, great follow-up, looks out for the best interest of the candidate and ensures that there is a good match.”

Pediatric Immunologist, June 2015


“Thanks a lot for your time and help during my job search. I really think that you are one of the best recruiters to work with. You made it all go with ease. I will definitely refer people to you.”

Family Physician, August 2014


"KCG Healthcare Recruiting matched me with my ideal job needs and requirements."

Neurosurgeon, June 2014


"KCG Healthcare Recruiting did an excellent job identifying positions that fit my desires and needs. They were honest and forthcoming in helping me make my final decision to accept the position. They also provided insight to variables that I did not even consider throughout the hiring process. They acted with my best interest at stake, all while still working for their client. This certainly made things easier for me, throughout negotiations, as they handled any conflict that may have resulted in complicating the new relationship. I would recommend this firm to any of my colleagues."

Pathologist, June 2014


"Ken and his TEAM at KCG Recruiting are very efficient, courteous, effective and produce results. They delivered for me. Ken assisted me from the initial presentation period; through travel arrangements of the site visits; through contract negotiations to the very end. Thank You Very Much."

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, May 2014


"KCG Recruiting’s follow up was prompt…even when no follow up was needed. They just called to see how things were progressing. They treated me personably and cared about my interest more than I could ever expect from a recruiting recruiter. They tried to go above and beyond whenever possible and my overall experience was a much better experience than expected."

Nurse Practitioner, February 2014


"KCG Recruiting delivers physician candidates that we can be confident are already preliminarily evaluated as potentially good fits for our Health System, which is to the benefit of all--invaluable."

Director of Medical Practices, June 2013


"Our most recent physician addition came to us through KCG Recruiting. Today, she is doing very well and growing her practice on behalf of our Health System. KCG Recruiting can and does do for us that which we are not able to do nearly as well."

Large Michigan Health System, June 2013


“KCG Recruiting, you were instrumental in my meeting this practice and the executive Physician and I definitely would not be in the position I am in today without your help. Thanks for everything!”

Pain Management Physician, June 2013


"I am very happy with my new position! Thank You KCG Recruiting!"

Family Physician, May 2013


"KCG Recruiting, you were instrumental in my meeting this practice and the executive Physician and I definitely would not be in the position I am in today without your help. Thanks for everything!"

Pain Management Physician, June 2013


"KCG Healthcare Recruiting helped me land my ideal job.  They were prompt, efficient, and a pleasure to work with!"

Family Physician, June 2012


“Ken provided me with excellent (and honest) information.  He made sure that the process moved along in a timely manner and in a way that was satisfactory to me.  His personal knowledge of the group was also very reassuring.  It was a pleasure working with Ken, and I would definitely recommend KCG to other physicians.”

Endocrine Surgeon, June 2012


If you are looking for a true partner and not just another recruitment firm  to help with your recruitment needs, look no further than KCG Recruiting.  Not only is Ken Grzegorczyk (and team) professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with, but he truly understands our needs and the type of physician we are looking for to join our organization.  Candidates are well informed about our opportunities prior to our initial conversation.  Ken has presented highly qualified candidates in nearly every specialty we recruit for, to include Dermatology, Hospitalist and Primary Care.   I can without reservation recommend KCG Recruiting and will continue to entrust future searches to Ken and team!”

COO, Michigan Multispecialty Group, May 2012


“I really think that you are one of the best recruiters to work with. You made it all go with ease. I will definitely refer people to you.”

Family Physician, March 2012


“Very pleased with KCG Recruiting.  Speedy in all aspects of the processes.  Would recommend to any candidates.  Thanks.”

Anesthesiologist, January 2012


“KCG Recruiting is easy to work with and they time to listen to your needs.  They work hard at providing quality candidates that meet your specific needs.”

Manager, Large Hospital System, December 2011


“KCG Recruiting is very professional.  I would definitely recommend KCG Healthcare Recruiting to any of my colleagues”

Infectious Disease Physician, July 2011


“Love, Love the job!! I couldn't be happier.  The Executive Physician is brilliant and fun and I am learning so much from him.  It is by far my favorite job that I have ever found.  I think you made a great match."

Michigan Family Physician, February 2011


“KCG Recruiting exemplified a basic principle I follow in my practice – “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you in the game.  Service wins the game”  Very satisfied with their service."

Advanced Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgeon, February 2011


“What impressed me the most was your ability to handle sensitive and confidential information in a kind and understanding way that was an obstacle to the job and was overcome” “Thanks for all your commitment and persistence. You knew when to push and when to back off!  You were a very important part and I am very grateful for your efforts”

Trauma Surgeon, January 2011


“Ken is the best recruiter that I have worked with (in 20 years) and the most personable.”  

Internal Medicine Physician, October 2010


"KCG Recruiting a was first rate organization.  I would return to them in the future.  KCG Recruiting is not just about placement – They care about you and the client.  They want a good fit.  Ken went from recruiter to friend."

General Surgeon, September 2010


"Ken made himself available 7 days a week and even when he was out of town to facilitate access to candidates.  He and KCG Recruiting have paired us up with surprisingly high quality candidates who ultimately interviewed with our program.  Finally, we have hired a world renowned physician into our institution due to the diligence of KCG Recruiting and Ken in particular who had the foresight to propose this opportunity to this highly qualified candidate and presented us in the best light so that he would give us the opportunity to sell this position to him.  We continue our relationship with KCG Recruiting and look forward to completing our faculty with high value candidates."

Program Director, Academic Institution, September 2010


“KCG Healthcare Recruiting was a valuable resource for physician career opportunities in the Detroit area.  They communicated promptly and regularly and even provided local contacts to assist me with obtaining more information about the area.  With their help, I was able to find a practice in a location suitable for myself and my family."

OB/GYN, August 2010


"Ken and his professional staff work hard and know the Michigan market. I recommend them for all your physician search needs."

Manager of Physician Practice, Michigan Hospital System, May 2010



The following Testimonials were given prior to Trinity becoming KCG Healthcare Recruiting:


“I am forever indebted to Trinity Healthcare Recruiting and its staff for aiding me in my first, and hopefully permanent, employment opportunity.  Thank you Trinity for all of your diligence and cooperation. Ken was amazing.  I am so very grateful that Trinity was around when I needed them the most.  Ken was excellent, kind, open and very diligent to work with and I appreciate his efforts beyond measure.  I will definitely recommend Trinity’s services to friends and colleagues in the future.”

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, October 2009


"Trinity Healthcare Recruiting was spectacularly thorough and prompt beyond all expectations. Thank You!!"

Endocrinologist, October 2009


"Trinity Healthcare Recruiting was very helpful - My job search was so much easier thanks to their hard work and expertise.  Thanks for all your help.  My wife and I are very excited about our new adventure in Michigan.  Thanks for helping find the spot we were looking for!"

General Surgeon, July 2009


“Ken is perhaps one of the most professional and personable recruiters I have ever had the opportunity to work with!  He worked for AND with us, encompassing details many other recruiters don’t take the time to even research. Of the over 40 recruiting agencies who contacted my husband the last year or two of his residency, we chose Trinity – and all because of Ken!  Thank you!”  

Spouse of General Surgeon, July 2009


"I believe that having Trinity working as a liaison through “difficult times” with the negotiations was very useful – it helped reduce confrontation.”  

Practice Owner, Allergist, June 2009


 "Trinity Healthcare Recruiting has produced tangible results for our hospital.  They are very knowledgeable of healthcare trends in general and physician practice trends in particular.  Their approach is well thought out and candidate/interview feedback is detailed and reliable.  Most importantly, Trinity establishes a trusting relationship with both physician candidates and our hospital that has created a very positive working relationship.  The candidates presented, and ultimately recruited, fit the parameters we established.  Candidates were well informed about our opportunity, facility and community before they interviewed. "

Michigan Hospital, Physician Recruiter, March 2009


“I thank you for your flawless guidance in my job search.  Thank you very much again for all your help!"

Radiation Oncologist, December 2008


"I am so proud to be a family physician.  My career gives me financial stability, job security, community respect, and the ability to help others.  In this tight economy, however, it has been especially crucial to network and have good, reliable sources to find positions in family medicine. 
I have certainly felt this way about Trinity Healthcare.  From their intake interview to their prompt and regular communication to see how I was doing with my career, I felt comfortable knowing that Trinity was on my side.  I was informed of all the available positions available in Michigan in a prompt manner and was also told about unique opportunities available if I chose to relocate outside of the Metro Detroit area.  There was no pressure during our relationship and I could tell that Trinity's goal was to keep me informed and comfortable with any decisions I would make. 
I am still in contact with Trinity to this day and I certainly recommend their services to any physician out there who is looking for opportunities. "

Michigan Family Physician, October 2008


"Trinity Healthcare Recruiting was tireless in their effort to negotiate the best contract for me.  Their experience and knowledge were very impressive… I now consider the Executive Recruiter a personal friend."

Michigan Family Physician, July 2008


"Trinity Healthcare Recruiting was very responsive and attentive to my individual needs as a Physician.”

 Ohio Internal Medicine Physician, July 2008


 "Ken has the competency and integrity that makes Trinity Healthcare Recruiting a quality firm to work with.  I would strongly recommend Trinity Healthcare to any hospital or organization that is seeking a knowledgeable, dedicated individual to help them with their physician staffing needs. "

Director of Physician Recruitment, May 2008


"Over the years I’ve worked with many recruiting firms, both contingent and retained, with mixed results. Trinity Healthcare Recruiting provides an outstanding value for our recruiting dollar.  Trinity Healthcare Recruiting is able to match a physician’s interests with a community’s needs.  Thus, able to very successfully and efficiently find the right physician for the right community opportunity." 

Midsized Michigan Hospital, Physician Recruitment, February 2008